MaxPunkte 6.8.0 Competition released 20.04.2016 Download (appr. 9.0 MByte)

Release notes

  • Track download from Syride SYS'Nav V3 supported (SYS'GPS V3 not yet tested)
  • New and old HFDTE record supported for READ, WRITE is only old format
  • Airspace upload for Bräuniger/Flytec devices updated (auto-close polygons)
  • 20.04.2016 fixed: Sign error QNE-Altitude < 0 at Sys'Nav V3

The Syride Sys'Nav V3 is an alti vario GPS with G-meter. It is very compact and has all features needed for competition and cross country flights. I personally like the excellent sensitivity of the vario at small climb rates when trying to get even the weakest thermals. And I like the free configuration of the display (old pilots need big numbers, smile).

 Sysride sys'Nav V3