MaxPunkte 6.8.0 Competition released 20.04.2016 Download (appr. 9.0 MByte)

Release notes

  • Track download from Syride SYS'Nav V3 supported (SYS'GPS V3 not yet tested)
  • New and old HFDTE record supported for READ, WRITE is only old format
  • Airspace upload for Bräuniger/Flytec devices updated (auto-close polygons)
  • 20.04.2016 fixed: Sign error QNE-Altitude < 0 at Sys'Nav V3

MaxPunkte 6.7.3 Competition released 08.03.2016 Download (appr. 8.8 MByte)

Release notes

  • Compatibility with Bordairline-Version
  • bug fixes english version

MaxPunkte 6.6.2 Competition released 12.01.2016 Download (appr. 8.8 MByte)

Release notes

  • minor bug fixes
  • valid until 2017-04-30
  • Airspace file Germany valid 2015-11-15 included
  • Airspace file France 2015 included
  • Airspace file Austria 2015-04-30 included

MaxPunkte 6.6.1 Competition released 27.01.2015 Download (appr. 8.8 MByte)

Release notes

  • Track download from Flymaster SD
  • Airspace file Germany valid 2015-01-01 included

MaxPunkte 6.6 Competition released 08.10.2014 Download (appr. 8.8 MByte)

Updated to version, released 10.10.2014, FAI online validation updated.

Release notes

  • B-record extensions LAD and LOF supportet
  • Store igc-files for garmin devices with optional cm-accuracy
  • Supports online-validation of files with the official FAI Validation Server.
  • Offline-Validation: Added vali-sxy.exe for SeeYou, Oudie,...
  • Supports very large DEM-files (digital elevation model)
  • Airspace file Germany valid 2014-03-06 included

MaxPunkte 6.5.3 Competition released 09.05.2014 Download (appr. 8.7 MByte)

Release notes

  • Software valid for the 2015 season
  • iBlue download: better data failure tolerance
  • minor bug-fixes
  • Experimental Feature: Turnpoint optimization for an optional number of turmpoints.

MaxPunkte 6.5.1 Competition released 24.09.2013 Download (appr. 8.7 MByte)

Release notes

  • Maximum size of igc-File 65000 trackpoints (some guys doing rc-olc need this, for hanggliding/paragliding this is nonsense)
  • Up to 6 data fields for extensions in B-records are supported (was 3)
  • Engine noise Level is displayed in barogram if available
  • Skytraq Venus 5/6 dataloggers implemented
  • Software valid for the 2014 season
  • minor bug fixes

MaxPunkte 6.4 Competition released 25.10.2012 Download (appr. 8.7 MByte)

02.05.2013: Airspace Germany updated to Version 2013-04-04

  • Some buffers enlarged in the communication routines
  • Better performance with Compeo-type flightrecorders
  • Flymaster Live: bug fixed
  • Extended validation checks. Now all (i hope so) VALI programs supported. Put a copy of the VALI required for your instrument in the same directory with maxpunkte.exe. This installation comes with VALI for Bräuniger, Flytec, MaxLogger, Skytraxx, C-Pilot and the genuine VALI for MaxPunkte.
  • Software valid for the 2013 season
  • Update check in the "?" menu

MaxPunkte Competition released 10.03.2012, changed 19.03.2012 Download (appr. 8.7 MByte)

  • Minor changes in NAVIN miniHomer download routine
  • Possibility of setting an altitude displacemant in exported xml-files
  • XC-direct announcement bug fixed (missing GliderCertCategory and "--" in comment field)

MaxPunkte Competition released 27.02.2012 Download (appr. 8.7 MByte)

  • Minor Changes in NAVIN miniHomer download routine
  • Possibility of setting an altitude displacemant in exported xml-files

MaxPunkte 6.3.3 Competition released 20.02.2012 Download (appr. 8.7 MByte)

  • Competition classes according to DHV-XC 2012
  • Changes in NAVIN miniHomer download routine
  • New version 2.4 of WPT to Google converter, in > MaxPunkte > Tools

MaxPunkte 6.3.2 not published

MaxPunkte 6.3.1 Competition released 15.12.2011 Download (appr. 8.7 MByte)

  • Some window sizes reduced for small portable computers
  • 0.1 sec intervals in igc-records possible (TDS data field)
  • Geoid altitudes of some GPS-devices converted to MSL altitudes
  • bug fixes

MaxPunkte Competition released 23.05.2011

  • Compatibility problem with some *.wpt files fixed

MaxPunkte Competition released 19.05.2011

  • Bugfix, negative altitudes Aircotec
  • SeeYou *.cup waypoint format accepted
  • Search function for miniHomer, connect miniHomer and switch on, click on looking glass on miniHomer download page
  • New airspace files for Germany, France, Swiss, Austria and Netherlands. Old airspace files will not be deleted. To use a new file, please klick >Options >Select airspace file.
  • Tool WPTStoGOOGLE updated.

MaxPunkte Competition released 27.03.2011 Download (appr. 8.4 MByte)

  • WPT-upload for Flymaster implemented
  • D2XX Driver used for Devices using FTDI-USB-Chips (Flymaster, Renschler Como)
  • NAVIN miniHomer supportet
  • Unlimited Number of Vali-xxx.exe programs supported (was max. 20)
  • Default path for igc-file changed (Win7 problem)
  • Bugfix Version 10 km Rule FAI Section 7D,  paragraph was permanently active in 6.3.0, now user-selectable in "Settings"

MaxPunkte 6.2.9 Competition released 06.01.2011 Download (appr. 8.3 MByte)

  • Flymaster B1 Nav track download added using D2XX driver
  • Distance measurement in maps

This release is only a quick release for users of the Flymaster B1 nav and willl be replaced soon.

MaxPunkte 6.2.8 Competition released 25.11.2010 Download (appr. 8.3 MByte)

  • Direct flight upload to adapded to 2011 server version, selection of DHV competition classes 2011
    (this feature is only active with XC-server set to
  • C-records will be exported to kml-file (turnpoint check)
  • Bug fixes
    • DecimalSeparator conflict in kml-files
    • Potential crash after cancelling save igc-file for some flight recorders

MaxPunkte 6.2.7 Competition released 11.11.2010 Download (appr. 8.3 MByte)

  • GPS mouse Wintec WBT 202 implemented (remove Mini-SD card before flight!!!)
  • Task declaration found in the igc-file is displayed in the graphics
  • some bugs fixed
  • F-records analysis changed
  • AGL accepted in airspace files (not only MSL)

MaxPunkte 6.2.6 Competition released 15.08.2010 Download (appr. 8.3 MByte)

  • WPT-upload for Renschler Como implemented
  • Better accuracy of round shapes of airspace boundaries, airspaces at far north and far south significantly improved
  • Export waypoints file in OziExplorer waypoint format compatible with GPSdump
  • Airspace check of tracks set to default

MaxPunkte 6.2.5 Competition released 22.04.2010 Download (appr. 8.3 MByte)

  • More robust track download for different settings of logging modes of GPS-loggers based on MTK-Chipset (QStarz, i-Blue,...)
    • Switch for logging satellite configuration with trackdata
    • F-Records produced in igc-File if satellite configuration is available.

MaxPunkte 6.2.4 Competition released 13.04.2010 Download (appr. 8.3 MByte)

  • IG-Basic GPS / Flytec 6015 download now compatible with firmware version 1.2.XX
  • Waypoit upload to IG-Basic GPS / Flytec 6015 supported
  • Context-menue in waypoints-list with new features like to Excel, details here
  • Export waypoints file in geographic waypoint format compatible with fs scoring software
  • Minor bug fixes and changes

MaxPunkte 6.2.3 Competition released 21.02.2010 Download (appr. 8.3 MByte)

  • QStarz GPS mouse, some problems fixed caused by GPS data errors
  • Minor bug fixes and changes
  • Tool WPTtoGoogle new release

MaxPunkte 6.2.2 Competition released 02.01.2010 Download (appr. 8.3 MByte)

Older versions will not work with most instruments after 01.01.2010!!!

New 02.02.2010: MaxPunkte 6.2.2 Competition:

  • Date code error in HFDTE-Record fixed
  • Bräuniger / Flytec 6015 bug fixed and vali-fly.exe updated

MaxPunkte 6.2.1 Competition released 17.11.2009

MaxPunkte 6.2.1 Competition 22.11.2009:

  • Bräuniger IQ Basic GPS / Flytec 6015 supported (valy-fly1.exe included)

MaxPunkte 6.2 Competition released 07.10.2009 :

  • New: Bug fix direct upload Compeo+, Competino+
  • Comment (LXMP-records) in file if user removes trackpoints before saving igc-file
  • New Vali-XMP vers. 2.2 required. Backward compatible with Vali-XMP 2.1. Is contained in MaxPunkte installation file.

MaxPunkte 6.1.4 Competition released 07.07.2009

  • New: Supports XC-Trainer Firmware Version 3.31 with both baro- and GPS-altitudes

MaxPunkte 6.1.3 Competition released 20.06.2009

  • Bug fixed: several minor bugs
  • New support for LTF certification class and fun-class on DHV-XC server

MaxPunkte 6.1 Competition released 21.04.2009

  • Bug fixed: Race database connection error, if pilot #1 does not exist
  • Task distance calculation method according to FAI section 7 improved
  • Track download from QStarz Travel Recorder X GPS-mouse implemented
  • Airspace data Germany valid 2009-03-12 added

MaxPunkte 6.0.11 Competition released 02.01.2009:

  • Bug fixed: Comport handling Renschler CoMo
  • Task distance calculation default method according to FAI section 7.
  • Tool WPTtoGOOGLE updated Version 2.0 (included in the installation package)

MaxPunkte 6.0.10 Competition released 25.08.2008:

  • Bug fixed: Multiple start gates, first gate was not recognized.

MaxPunkte 6.0.9 Competition released 15.07.2008::

  • Renschler CoMo routines improved
  • Distance calculation selectable between FAI-sphere (used in xc-contests) and WGS84-ellipsoid (used for FAI records)
  • Competition distance calculation selectable between old style (all leg distances are scored until the turnpoint) and the new method (presently recommended by FAI and cumpulsory for FAI competitions starting May 2009, only the minimum distance to the cylindrical sectors is scored)
  • Setup improved for Vista-Users (maps, elevation data, airspaces and waypoints directories are now in "public documents", flight directory goes to "user documents"). I suggest, to completly uninstall MaxPunkte prior to installation of 6.0.9 . Move your data manually to the new directories.

New 28.04.2008: MaxPunkte 6.0.7 Competition: Bugs fixed (Garmin GPS, competition features), This version was successfully tested at the Mosel Open 2008

New 23.03.2008: MaxPunkte 6.0.6 Competition: Bugs fixed (optimization XCOpen style tasks, waypoint upload MLR and Compeo product family,...), tool WPTtoGOOGLE Vers. 1.1 (icons changed), new airspace file Air_Germany_2008

New 12.03.2008: MaxPunkte 6.0.5 Competition: Supports Wintec WBT-201 GPS-Mouse.

New 03.03.2008: MaxPunkte 6.0.4 Competition: Bugs fixed with Garmin waypoint upload. Allow decimals of seconds in waypoints coordinates.

New 05.02.2008: MaxPunkte 6.0.1 Competition: Some problems fixed concerning communication with Race

New 09.01.2008: MaxPunkte 6.0 Competition: borlndmm.dll problem fixed, please download and install again

MaxPunkte 6.0 Competition comprises all features of MaxPunkte 5 and additional features for scoring paraglider and hangglider competitions. This page only deals with the competition functions only. It is not a beginners tutorial, it adresses people with at least basic knowledge in competition scoring with CompeGPS and RACE.

MaxPunkte has some restrictions as compared to CompeGPS, but to my personal experience these do not reduce functionality in competition scoring. On the other hand, it allows new types of tasks, which have been sucessfully testet in the XC-Open 2007 World Series.


A main difference between XC-online contest and standard competitions is, that these have fixed waypoints for the task setting. So one group of new functions in MaxPunkte comprises waypoints. After startup, MaxPunkte always immediately loads the last waypoint file used (like the last map, the last elevation data, the last airspaces file,...). So you always get the same setup, when you work with MaxPunkte. You can change this setup in the Options menu. The installation package comes with the waypoints file of German Open Paragliding 2007.

Waypoint file format

MaxPunkte uses a subset of CompeGPS waypoint format. If you already have a CompeGPS wpt-file, then there is a good chance to use it directly in MaxPunkte. See the attached sample files for the format. MaxPunkte only knows WGS-84, no other map datum is allowed! MaxPunkte only uses DD:MM.:S or DD:MM.mmm position format, nothing else! If you use these in your wpt-file, you will not have trouble. Make shure, that your flight recorder is switched tho WGS-84, especially the MLR.

MaxPunkte shows the waypoints in the map display, you can edit them with a double click on the waypoint or in the waypoint list, which is in the waypoints menu. Very self-explaining.

There is an upload function to send the waypoints to a flight recorder. The standard instruments used in paraglieder competitions are supportet. You can send a "pilot identification waypoint" to the instrument and check, if there are already other waypoints of this type. Presently, MaxPunkte doesn't support pilot identification during track download like CompeGPS does.


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